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Preston Park - Stockton Thundercats - Hartlepool
Summerhill Activity Centre - Hartlepool Hartlepool's Maritime Experience
Guisborough Forest Walkway

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Dan Heritage

Friday, 20th August 2010 - 15:15

When you talk about Preston Park, there aren’t many people that can say they haven’t visited - School trips, long summer afternoons, rainy days in the museum.

We have came to love Preston Park not just for living not far from it, but from having a dog. There is nothing better than coming home from work on a warm summer evening, and taking the dog to the park, she loves it. The rolling hills, the river, the massive fields, the hiding places between the trees – you can’t help but have fun with her. She is happy running around going mad, while i’m happy walking along enjoying the scenery. Upon first entering the park it looks pretty much the same as all parks, a children’s play area, a car park and a field. It’s not until you start delving further into the park that you find; the peacocks and birds in the aviary, the old band stand, the crazy golf hidden in the trees, and the sprawling fields behind the obvious buildings leading down to the River Tees. If you’re lucky you sometimes catch the Teesside Princess sailing down the river. Early evening you also catch the sleepy fisherman that have been there all day waiting for a bite, but they won’t give up just incase they miss their chance.

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Sally Bainbridge

Wednesday, 1st September 2010 - 09:49

It was my partner’s birthday in July and he fancied doing something ‘different’ so I purchased a Thundercats Co-Pilot experience. All I have to say is that it was great and extremely good value for money. The experience lasted for an hour with the first 10-15 minutes being a general safety / familiarisation briefing. Not only did my partner end up racing around Jackson’s Dock at 60 mph but he also had the opportunity to steer the boat with Adam (the instructor) acting as co-pilot. Have already recommended this to a friend for her partner’s 30th.

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James Hopper

Wednesday, 1st September 2010 - 11:26

Off we set to Summerhill Activity and Boulder Park. We were introduced to Ian and Helen who gave us a safety talk before we all set off to the boulder park. We got to the top and were shown around some of the boulders and started to get to grips with hangin’ on after a quick warm up. The boulders were man-made, loads of fun an’ the kids loved runnin’ around them. We were then given harnesses and started to use ropes to climb the bigger boulders then absailed down them. Great fun, even in the freezin’ cold and my daughter has already decided we would be returning in the summer for her birthday.

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James Hopper

Wednesday, 1st September 2010 - 11:26

Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience - On our arrival we were told that the Fighting Ships experience was about to start so we rushed upstairs to what looked like the inside of a huge galley and were met by a seafaring gent with a musket who told us a little about the background of a life at sea.

The exhibition was very exciting with the ship’s cabin boy guiding us through a maze of scenes from life on board. From the Captain’s table to the flogging of a sailor who had not followed orders quickly enough, a scene on shore with “ladies of the night” and other ways a sailor could be relieved of his money to the finale of a huge battle at sea with deafening explosions from the cannons and the screams of dying crew members.

We emerged into the daylight where our guide showed us the gun firing and set off the cannon wich made all the kids jump!!! We all went over to the HMS Trincomalee to explore the bowels of a real frigate and once aboard we had a good wander round. There was the sick bay, the powder room, sleepin’ quarters and Captain’s deckpost. We stood at the front of the ship and imagined setting off for India or Australia as the kids had recently done a project on Capitain James Cook. A great day out!

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Fran Pringle

Friday, 3rd September 2010 - 10:32

Autumn brings the leaves and Guisborough Forest Walkway provides the perfect Autumn walk. We follow the wooden statues, climbing and naming them as we go, the children thunder ahead to find the next animal. Every corner is brimming with the rustles, bustles, oranges and browns of Autumn wildlife.

In December a winter picnic is required; we take flasks of coffee and sandwiches, have our pick from the empty benches, and sit and feast and watch the forest sparkle before our eyes.

In Springtime we catch tadpoles, or that is the plan... having left bucket and net at home we lie on the decking, noses peeping over the edge and shriek in delight watching them wriggle. Nearby, My mum and 9 month old son identify the species of wild flowers and take snap shots of the unfamiliar to google later.

The new playground opens for the Summer! For months the red train and the wooden adventure equipment has been out of reach, we have only been able to catch glimpses from the fences and imagine the fun it supplies. Our first visit does not disappoint; diverse enough, and big enough, to accomodate all ages. The only tears are when we have to leave to "go for a walk". However, they are quickly relieved with the NEW hidden gems we find along the way. What will they think of next?

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